Open Source at ExoFlare

ExoFlare loves open source. We use it extensively on our mission to rethink how to identify and respond to biosecurity risks, create behaviour change and increase resilience. We have an explicit upstream-first strategy, including paying maintainers and contributing fixes & features. Our strategy is led by engineers with deep experience as open source maintainers.

Being a good open source citizen is easy at ExoFlare

Sound good? We’re always looking for engineers, designers and other enthusiastic people, so check out our careers page.

Project spotlight

Pydantic: our backend just wouldn’t be the same without the ease of data parsing and validation that Pydantic provides. We sponsor the Pydantic maintainer and have contributed fixes

FastAPI: our backend runs on FastAPI, and we love how smoothly it uses type annotations and Pydantic. We sponsor the FastAPI maintainer.

Strawberry: we create GraphQL APIs via Strawberry, and appreciate its use of type annotations too. We sponsor the Strawberry maintainers and have contributed fixes.

AWS CDK: we define our infrastructure via CDK, and reap the benefits of infrastructure-as-code. We have contributed improvements.

SQLAlchemy & Alembic: we talk to our databases using SQLAlchemy, which provides an elegant bridge from Postgres to Python. We sponsor the SQLAlchemy maintainers.

Day.js: dates and times are key in our frontend, and Day.js makes manipulating them smooth, no matter how niche the requirement. We sponsor the Day.js maintainer.

Syrupy: our tests are faster to write and easier to maintain via snapshots with Syrupy. We have contributed improvements and fixes.

Some other projects we sponsor: Magit, NumFOCUS, Pyenv

Some other projects we’ve contributed to: AWS Lambda Powertools Python, esbuild, Moto, Pants, Semgrep, SQLAlchemy-Utils

Sound good? We’re always looking for engineers, designers and other passionate people, so please check out our careers page.